Project 3: Final

Per usual, I started off by doing short gesture drawings that focused on just capturing the movement and feel of each figure. I also started using both ends of the Copic markers I was using to get different line thickness.

After this, I started using the chiseled end of the marker to block out giant shadows when I started adding detail like shading into the mix.

And of course, from here I went to using various different colors to create colorful figure drawings.


I will admit; I neglected my habit a bit in this last week due to finals that ate away at a lot of my time. However, I think i reached the overall goal I set up for myself in this project which was to get better at figure drawing. I think I’ve made and improvement and even learned a little about color and I hope that from here I will continue to improve.


Project 3 – The Progress Continues

I have abandoned using pencil in favor of marker recently. I find that using marker helps to loosen up my lines and make the gesture easier to capture. I’ve also decided to focus more on male figures this time around. So, I started off the week using just marker in 30 second intervals.


When I felt comfortable using marker, I started to add more refined detail to the figures in terms of shading and very vague facial features.


After this, I went back to using multiple different shades of color to create varying color pallets. With these pallets, I made very colorful and vibrant 10 minute gesture drawings that look very dynamic. I also used colored ink pens to capture finer details in the figures that I couldn’t get with marker.



Project 3 – Experimenting

I’ve began to do some experimenting with my figure drawings. To begin with, I had been sticking with using graphite and/or pencil to draw out the figure. However, recently I decided to start adding more detail to the figures, like shading.


From there, I kept moved into experimenting with ink. I would start out with pencil and just get the rough figure in and then refine it with an ink brush pen. In some spots, I took a colored ink pen and shaded different parts of the figures. However, I pushed that aside to explore other mediums I’ll get to in just a second.


After this, I decided to use Copic markers to get the gesture and block in big areas of shadow at the same time. Soon, though, I started playing around with different colors to see what would happen. What I got was a lot of really interesting looking sketches that use a nice blend of colors.


In the bottom right figure, I started using ink and marker together to outline and refine details like facial features and folds in the skin. I like the look of it and I would like to explore this further in my next set of drawings.

Project 3 Proposal

For this final project, I want to focus on improving in gesture and figure drawing. I love to draw people, but I’m always looking to improve. I also have been neglecting practice in this particular field lately and I need to get back into the swing of things. I may also look into exaggerating certain features so I end up creating a new very stylized look to my drawings.

I want to spend an hour everyday or so drawing from either websites like Pixel Lovely or drawing from real life, starting with light colored pencil and then in graphite or pen for more refined detail. I plan on starting with improving on my proportions before starting work on exaggerating any features. In terms of inspiration, I’ve been influenced by the work of Jamie Hewlett, the artist for the animated band Gorillaz, and more recently by artist Robert Valley.


Jamie Hewlett

I really like the graphic style and colors that Hewlett uses in his work and I find the exaggerated features and figures in Valley’s drawings.

My goal for this project is to improve on and expand on my current style. I think practicing with gesture and figure drawings is ultimately going to benefit me in the end and I’m excited to see where this project takes me.

Ben and Jen: a Story About Friendship

We have finished our “choose your adventure” comic, and after finishing with almost 100 pages I’m confident that people will have a fun time with Ben and Jen.

The story involves two characters, the titular Ben and Jen, who decide to spend the day at the library. Upon opening either your choice of a horror or fantasy book, the characters get sucked into the world of the novels and must go on an adventure to get back home.



I think that we created something really cool for this pipeline project. It’s amazing that a team as small as ours managed to create a comic this ambitious over the course five weeks. We did hit a few snags along the way, but that just comes with the who idea of  group project. We made mistakes, we learned, and we re-adapted. Personally, I feel like our group worked extremely well together; we kept up good communications, stayed primarily on track in terms of the timeline, and we helped each other out when the work load got to be too much.

There are a few things here and there I would change. Sometimes the color clashes too much, especially for the horror segments, but overall I think everything turned out pretty well all things considered. I’d definitely do it a second time.

comic book tmeplate

Project 2 More Progess

We’ve gotten everything sketched out! Now the inking process starts. We’ve split each section up among the people in charge of inking and we will be done with with that by this weekend.

Pictured above a section taken from Jen’s horror route. We’ve also finalized the color pallets for Ben and Jen; Ben will have pallet number one (left) and Jen will have pallet number 2 (center). As a reminder, here are the pallets:

I hope to start coloring by this weekend and have all the pages in order by the end of the weekend. By Monday, I plan to have everything laid out in InDesign and have functioning interactive buttons by Tuesday.

comic book tmeplate
A completed inked page from page one of Jen’s story.

Project 2 – Progress #1

We’ve begun sketching out the pages for our “Choose Your Own Adventure” comic. So far, we’ve gotten the beginning and parts of the main plot fleshes out.


We’ve also come to a conclusion for the horror path and getting close to finding a conclusion to the fantasy path. We still have a lot of sketching to do, but we are making very good headway so far. We plan to be finished with sketching by the end of this week and hopefully be done with the inking by sometime next week. We’ve also looked a bit into the color scheme of our main characters, Ben and Jen, and looked at a few concepts for cover art.

Project 2: Pipeline Post 1

We have started work on the “Choose Your Own Adventure” comic. In fact, we even have characters and a story set up!

The story is about two characters you get to choose from from the start; Ben and Jen. Wanting to spend the day at the library, they either choose to read some quality horror or fantasy to stories…only to get sucked into the book! What happens to them from this point is up to you.

We wanted the story to have a bit of a spooky feel to it, since we’re doing this during the Halloween season. We also decided to give the story a very dry and dark sense of humor to contrast the otherwise “cute” look of the characters. We were also thinking of Ben and Jen interacting with each other without the input of the reader. For example, if you chose the fantasy route whoever you chose as your character would have to fighter whatever character you didn’t choose while in the horror route both characters would have to team up to survive.

We have so many ideas for this project, so much so it may be an issue later on down the road, but right now we just want to focus on getting the story shaped.

Pipeline Project Proposal

For my proposal, I wanted to tell a story through the mixed use of live action and animation. The story would be about a young adult who has a very over-active imagination. They live alone and have few friends, believing that they’re “too weird” for regular companionship. If left unchecked, their imagination starts to come to life. Doodles, patterns, and other drawings start to appear up and down the main character’s body and will even start to bleed onto the walls, floors, and buildings; much to everyone’s dismay. Ultimately the story comes down to the main character having to make a choice between conforming to fit in with society or let their creativity run rampant without control or live life somewhere in between. I would want the film to be shot in live action first and then having animation done over top of the film. The “living drawings” that would come from the main character would be cover the animated aspect of the project.

I visualize the film looking like this:

The dark lines are the drawings and patterns coming to life.
Main Character standing on a public sidewalk with drawings and doodles spreading out over the sidewalk and up a building.

I have a flow chart of how power should be distributed, with the executive producer and project manager overseeing different sections corresponding with their positions with the director overseeing every individual group.


Though I do not have my timeline organized in a Gantt Chart (Excel is a foreign program to me), I have it all written out and organized by date.

Oct. 11: Introductions and re-explanation of my proposal.

Oct. 13: Job are assigned and development on the storyboard and script begins.

Oct. 18: The storyboard is to be on a timeline in either Adobe Premier or After Affects and the script is to finalized, proofread, and approved by the director.

Oct.20: Actors and locations are to be secured, filming should begin.

Oct. 25: Filming is to be finished and initial editing should begin by this point.

Oct. 27: Initial editing is to be continued, finished scenes are to be given to the animators to begin the animation.

Nov. 1:  Initial editing is to be finished, animation is to continue.

Nov. 3: Animation is to be completed and final editing is to begin.

Nov. 8: Final editing should be close to completion, any last minute tweaking should happen now.

Nov. 10: Presentation!


Menagerie Final

I have completed my Celtic-themed four character menagerie. Huzzah! To review; the four characters are personifications of Celtic symbols and legends. The first one is a personification of the “Tree of Life” (Yggdrasil). The second one is a personification of a raven (a symbol of death in Celtic culture). The third is a personification of a stag (a symbol of wisdom and fertility and, for my interpretation, a messenger of life). The fourth is a re-imagining of the banshee (a Celtic witch who is also classified as the “messenger of death”). Here are the completed images with color palettes to match.

For Life, I mimicked the way The Tree of Life is commonly seen; twisting branches and entangled roots. For Death, I created a cape of black feathers and placed a raven on his shoulder to better visualize what death could look like in Celtic culture. For The Messenger of Life, I gave the character some features that you would typically find on a stag (the antlers and the ears) as well as surrounded him with bright, blooming flowers that are native to Ireland. And for The Messenger of Death, I gave her a long, flowing, and torn cloak and placed her on a rock. I tried to make the fabric of her  cloak and hair appear as if they’re in water since banshees tend to be seen by bodies of water.

Things turned out a bit different than I expected. At first, my plan was to do a hybrid of digital painting in Photoshop and digital collage in Illustrator, but in the end all four were created exclusively in Illustrator. I also wasn’t anticipating the simplicity of the characters. In my initial sketches, all four were a bit more detailed and had faces.

However the further developed the characters became the less willing I was to put faces onto them. I feel that adding facial features actually takes away from the characters, given the style I chose to use.

Overall, I’m really happy that this turned out the way it did. Though I had been aiming for a more traditional looking aesthetic, I really like the stylized and simplistic look this menagerie took on.